Review--Don't Scream 2: 30 More Tales to Terrify

I liked most of the stories in this collections, and I really like this writer’s style. Most of the tales are very short, quick reads that dive into a situation and rush through to a conclusion. The conclusions themselves leave something to be desired. In many cases–most cases–the tales end with some easy, non-climactic scene. The perpetrator is scared off and the police come, etc. The terror coming in the idea that this person who is doing the menacing is still out there, at large, and able to strike again; though what they did was not all that bad, only a little creepy.
The first book in this Don’t Scream series was 60 stories, with a few of following a joined narrative. That book I gave 5 stars, as I really enjoyed it and found that majority of those tales to be very well done. While I did like this second volume, and will be moving on to the third volume, I feel that the writing in this book was a step down from that of the first. Thus the reduction in my rating. But still, 4 stars is not so bad and this book is quick read that is worth the time.