About the author C.L. Phillips,

At a young age, C.L. Phillips fell in love with reading. He began with the Hardy Boys books and fell in love with adventure and mystery. In early adolescence, he stumbled upon the writings of Stephen King, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and a game that changed the way he saw the world. Dungeons and Dragons (along with a number of other tabletop role-playing games) became an integral part of his life.

He wrote his first short story at the age of six, and continued writing for years until, at the age of twelve, he finally produced something he was proud of: a fantasy short story titled “The Princess, The Wizard, and The King to Be.” This story, of course, is lost to the ages, but it served its purpose in granting enough confidence for a young writer to keep producing work.

In college, Phillips discovered Joyce Carol Oates and other masters of short fiction. He began studying story structure and began to understand that a writer does not need to fit neatly into one single genre. Oh, how he hates being put in a box! So, instead of turning himself into a “horror writer,” “sci-fi writer,” “fantasy author,” etc., C.L. Phillips made a decision to be a writer. Just a writer. The best writer of fiction he can possible be, by living outside all the boxes. As such, you find, if you walk among his words, tales of adventure, science fiction, horror, fantasy, weird tales, and a smattering of other things. There are literary works of real people that take place in our real world, as well as the fantastic tales of mythological creatures and made-up, faraway lands.

C.L. Phillips spends his time reading, writing, playing chess, playing RPGs and loving a wonderful woman. He loves giving and taking writing advice, living the writing life, and finds absurd delight in world building and character building. When he is not writing, he earns his living as a machine operator and a butcher. He has held many jobs over the years, but so far, writing is his favorite.