A Candle in the Dark Publishing Update

The long awaited new collection is finished. We’re in the middle stages of editing/proofing and I intend to have A Candle in the Dark and other tales available for purchase in early August. Please don’t hold me to that. But it should be soon.

This was a fun collection to put together. Seriously, I went back to the roots of why I wanted to write in the first place and just had a great time writing these stories. Rewriting is always work, but I feel that in this collection of 12 tales every ounce of energy spent tweaking a sentence or fixing a plot hole as paid off ten fold. I laughed out loud writing a few of the lines, and just the other day I laughed again while doing some edits.

I really think you will enjoy these stories. They’re not all funny, but I believe that every one of them will grab your attention and take you to a place deep inside your own mind where you will spend time pondering what just happened.

Again, look for it in early August. Or, better yet, just keep checking in here. I’ll update as soon it’s available on Amazon.