Reach for the Sky Update/Review


About a year ago I found this listing on Duotrope (awesome site for writer’s. $50/year subscription. Check it out) for an anthology called Reach for the Sky. It was call for weird western stories from Rogue Blades Entertainment. They were calling for a few stories in a different genres for a number of anthologies.

I started working on stories for all of those anthologies, but the one that was really coming together was this weird western tale. I had never written any western themed before and I was having a blast. I just might due some more western stories to mix in with my occult, horror, weird tale stuff.

Anyway, the book finally came out a couple months back and Jason Waltz, the editor, sent me a copy. I read it and fully enjoyed it. There were a couple of stories that did not do it for me personally, though they were well written and interesting. Most of them, however, were rollicking good times. Here’s my small review from Goodreads.

A thoroughly good anthology of weird western tales. If you enjoyed that movie Cowboys and Aliens, or Wild Wild West, you will have a great time with these stories. Though all the stories were well-written and well-crafted, my notable favorites are The Stranger Who Came to Dusty Hollow by Kristen Brand, Box of Bones by Logan Whitney, The Devil’s Angels by David W. Amendola and a little something put together by yours truly called High Steaks. I know what you’re thinking, but rest assured, it’s not a typo.

I hope you get a chance to check it out and enjoy it as much as I did.

If you like my story, High Steaks, which appears in Reach for the Sky, it will also appear in my upcoming collection, A Candle in the Dark and other tales.

Happy reading!